by Wanderer

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released July 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Wanderer Minneapolis, Minnesota

Chaotic harcore/punk out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Gloom Daze out now on Tilde Records.

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Track Name: American Dream
I'm now stranger to the weight of the world
I've seen first hand the greed that lies just beneath the surface
Liars and theives are all I ever see

We try and bury ourselves in things that we don't need
We take and take until there's nothing left

Selfish by nature and careless by heart,
we have been this way from the start

Consuming everything this world has to offer
Refusing to give back what we have taken
Denying every single problem at hand
Never realizing that we ourselves are the problem

Our future is looking bleak
We will reap what we sow

This american greed won't be the death of me
This american greed won't be the death of us
Track Name: Hot Veins
How does it feel now that you've stabbed
the ones you claimed to have loved in the back
Over and over again
How does it feel now that you've blindly given into every temptation within your own mind

I hope you're happy with what you have done
I hope you're happy with what you've become
You make me sick
Putting your substances in front of everything

The needle marks on your arms tell no lies
The ugly truth has been revealed, there's no going back
You have brought this upon yourself
By the time you realize what you've done I will be long gone
Track Name: Bitter
My prayers have fallen on deaf ears, maybe I'll be better off alone
And my mind is clouded with apathy, a place of death and misery
Where did I go wrong, when did I become so numb

Cast me away into the dark where I belong

I swear I'm not bitter, I'm just sick and tired of the same old shit
Day in and day out its like I'm stuck in a rut
that I can't escape from
And I swear I'm going insane from all of these voices inside of my head

Find what sets you free
Hold it close