Wanderer // Anzio split

by Wanderer

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released May 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Wanderer Minneapolis, Minnesota

Chaotic harcore/punk out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Gloom Daze out now on Tilde Records.

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Track Name: Painted Grey
Painted Grey
Throw it away

No peace is what they say
Fuck that I'll find it someway

And I'll live this life on my own accord
Cause misery is something I can't afford

A grave a won't call my home
This is something all my own

This dreadfulness of a life so grey
I've learned the strength to throw it away

This dull ache
carries on

Loud soul
Angry heart
Track Name: Calloused
I know a man
Who lost his heart to this town

And I know you don't sleep
much anymore

And I've seen the pain
in your movements

Just don't let this town
become your hearts home

All these lies that I've been fed
Leave all these questions in my head

Lost in my mind, dead ends are all I that i find

You got me in a vice grip for my own life

My dear old friend
oh how you've lost your way

I will never push
judgment on you

And I'll keep yelling
because I fear I won't be loud enough

And you'll be
Lost forever

The hands on my clock become fists
As I run into the abyss
My body lies on the floor as my lungs hiss
I am becoming the Earth
Recycle and rebirth
Here comes the end I hope I get there first
This heart has become so calloused
Caged in its own hell